CCTV captures ‘guard dog’ hilariously failing test by napping during fake armed raid

Thai police carried out a training exercise for staff at a jewellery store, whose owner has a large husky as protection – but Lucky the dog failed with flying colours after napping during a fake raid

Police visited Worawut Lomwanawong’s store in Thailand to train staff on how to react if they were held at gunpoint and forced to give up the jewels.

CCTV footage shows Lucky the dog sleeping in front of the shop counter as a fake armed robber enters, pointing a gun at staff and making demands.

Despite the commotion and threats being made to her owner, Lucky the dog doesn’t move a single muscle and continues to sleep as her owner is forced to hand over a bag of ‘cash’ before the criminal walks out of the store unchallenged.

Lucky asleep on the shop floor
Lucky was napping before the staged robbery began
The fake robbery training exercise
And continued to sleep despite the drama going on around her

The owner can be seen glancing at the dog in the hope she might attack the bandit or bark to raise the alarm, but gets nothing in return.

It’s fair to say Lucky failed the test and the hilarious video was uploaded to Facebook where it has racked up more than one million views.

But Lucky may have a good excuse, as her owner told Bored Panda: “This was Thai police training of what it would be like if a thief came into my store and stole all the jewellery.

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