Driver leaves heartwarming message on doorbell camera after delivering pizza

The sweet video has been seen more than 27 million times, with many impressed at the driver’s reaction to the generous tip from the customer

A kind gesture can go a long way, and pizza is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

So surely, when the two combine, you have a marriage made in heaven?

After dropping off a cheesy delicacy, one delivery driver was left overwhelmed after receiving a generous tip from his customer.

He decided to leave a sweet message for them on their doorbell camera – and the video has gone viral.

Nearly 28 million people have watched the sweet clip – with many enjoying the act of kindness.

In the video, the driver can be seen walking towards the door with the pizza.

The video has gone viral (Image:

The driver appears committed to their job as they rock up wearing a pizza outfit.

He leans down to the doorbell and says: “Your pizza’s here.”

Noticing the money tucked in the side, he says: “Oh…no way. Is this for me?

“Aw man…you have no idea how much this means to me.”

The video has racked up 6.1 million likes and 82,000 comments since being shared on TikTok.

One person commented: “He seems to be an awesome people to be around!”

A fellow delivery driver said: “Some people don’t understand how degrading it is to order so much food and not tip a cent.

“Five dollars does mean a lot to us.”

A third said: “It’s such a weird time at the moment.

“I really think things like this can make a massive difference.”

In the caption of the video, she added: “Rude people ruin days.”

Have you ordered more since the pandemic began? What has your experience been?

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