Everything that we know about cowboy Bebop

It’s almost time get everybody and their stuff together because netflix’s live action adaptation of the beloved classic anime cowboy bebop is on its way with a 10 episode season coming to the streaming giant on november 19th of 2021. There is still a lot that we don’t know about the show thankfully netflix recently saw fit to give us some new information and a set of swanky new cast photos.

So let’s take a look at everything we know about cowboy bebop. So you completely lost already well no worries here’s a quick history lesson, cowboy bebop is a science fiction anime with neo-noir and movie western influences playing out over 26 episodes and one feature-length movie the show takes place in 2071 a future. Where much of our solar system has been colonized and the earth is a particularly ruined backwater it follows the crew of the bebop a collection of perpetually down on their luck bounty hunters.

Who are mostly trying to forget their pasts and make a few bucks while cool music plays the series which was produced by sunrise and directed by shinichiro watanabe ran between 1998 and 1999. It was an early and significant crossover hit in the american anime boom of the early 2000s and is largely considered to be a masterpiece.

Various production companies have been circling a live-action version of cowboy bebop for years but this version was initially announced in 2017 with christopher yost attached as a writer yoast has had a prolific career writing for marvel comics and has previously worked in film and television as a writer on several mcu films and on the disney plus series ‘The mandalorian’.

After netflix picked up distribution of the series in 2018 the production ramped up but things have been hampered by Covid and a knee injury to star john cho. The series 10 hour-long episodes are being directed by veteran television directors alex garcia lopez and michael cattleman and returning to the franchise our original series director shinichiro watanabe who will serve as a creative consultant and composer.

Yoko. kano, andre nemik and jeff pinker are also on board as writers and producers and the production is being handled in close coordination with sunrise and its staff but that’s just the technical stuff.

Let’s talk about the casting first up we’ve got john cho as the series lead character spike spiegel joe of course really made his name as harold lee and harold and kumar go to white castle and since then has been everywhere including taking over as hikaru sulu. In the kelvin timeline star trek films spike is a wry and outwardly calm and cool character who can explode into kinetic frantic violence at a moment’s notice as touched on a moment ago back in 2019 production had to be shut down for about eight months because cho injured himself on set.

So it’s a fair bet that we can expect the actor to be showing off some serious stunt work when the show arrives and he also looks rad in that suit i mean seriously. Next up is mustafa shakir as jet black shakir has worked steadily in film and television for nearly 30 years but will probably be known best for his role as john bushmaster mciver in the second season of netflix’s luke cage series and for playing the lead on the cinemax crime series quarry as jet. We’ll be seeing him take charge as the jazz loving former cop and captain of the bebop and while none of the set voters released so far give us the greatest look at jet’s cybernetic implants and arm.

Here’s hoping that the show pulls it off to round out our corecast we’ve also got daniela pineda as faye valentine you’ll probably know pineda best for her role as zia rodriguez in jurassic world fallen kingdom. A role that she’ll be reprising next summer in dominion the killer dino series.

Newest outing faye who pulled a philip j fry and got herself frozen for almost a century is introduced as one of spike and jet’s bounties but quickly settles in as a member of the crew when she shows herself to be just as deadly and devious as they are she’s probably the character who has undergone the most cosmetic changes in the leap to live action scene.

She doesn’t wear a whole lot in the anime but there are still plenty of nods to her original costume in the set photos that netflix released and hey space is cold so layering is important before we go let’s round things out with a couple of important supporting cast details.

English theater actor alex hassell will be taking on spike as vicious a well vicious crime lord from the bounty hunter’s troubled past we’ll also be seeing tv actress elena sateen as julia another figure from spike’s past and his greatest lost love as for the young hacker who finds their way aboard the bebop and there hasn’t been any official word yet on, if the character will even appear in this version.

Thankfully though we’ll be seeing the super intelligent data dog e.in played naturally enough by a pembroke welsh corgi who was named for the original anime character. i’m sure that made it very easy to wrangle, This good good boy on set and there you have it all. There is to know about the live-action cowboy bebop a trove of information worthy of an episode of big shot for the bounty hunters and i don’t know about you but we’re looking forward to the trailer dropping for this.

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