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Picking up where The Suicide Squad (2021) left off, Peacemaker returns home after recovering from his encounter with Bloodsport – only to discover that his freedom comes at a price.

Basics of DC Peacemaker

“The Suicide Squad” brings a whole bunch of fascinating, little-known DC characters to the silver screen. One of them is Peacemaker, a warrior who loves peace so much, he’ll kill to protect it. His story only gets weirder from there — and we’re here to break it down for you. First things first: Who is Peacemaker?.

The central idea of Peacemaker is that he’s an incredibly devoted pacifist — so committed to the cause, in fact, that he’s willing to hurt countless people to achieve it. That’s right: He will wage war to win peace. “He loves peace. And he’s willing to kill to get it. And that’s pretty much it.”

Though there are a few different incarnations of the character, Christopher Smith, his original incarnation, is the Peacemaker most fans know, and the one relevant to “The Suicide Squad.”

Smith was once a spy who worked to promote the cause of world peace by sneaking into various countries to fight warlords and dictators. He debuted in issue number 40 of “The Fightin’ 5” way back in 1966, as the back-up story, and then continued in his own comic … which lasted all of five issues. Peacemaker was created by Charlton Comics’ heavy hitters Joe Gill and Pat Boyette.

Though many of their other characters have gone on to fame and fortune, Peacemaker hasn’t been quite so lucky. Though some undoubtedly loved him, he ended up being a lesser-known superhero from a lesser-known comic book publisher … until DC Comics purchased a huge swath of Charlton Comics characters in the early 1980s. While it’s incorrect to say that the DC purchase brought Peacemaker out of obscurity, it did save him from a totally trivial fate.

It’s connection with Suicide Squad

It’s fair to speculate that John Cena will take Peacemaker in a different direction when he dons the bubble helmet for “The Suicide Squad.” In a featurette for the film, Cena describes the character as: “A douchey Captain America.”

Given that punchy summation, Cena’s comedic acting chops, and the outright ridiculousness of Peacemaker’s core character design, it seems likely that the movie will use his deranged take on peacekeeping for more than a few laughs.

From a bird’s eye view of the DCEU as a whole, we can’t say we blame them — “Suicide Squad,” with its gritty aesthetic and self-righteous baddies, ended up being controversial, to say the least.

Might as well get a little goofy with the dude who kills for peace, right? Expect Peacemaker to be the butt of several jokes, and a far cry from the deranged and guilt-ridden Nazi descendant who chatted with the ghosts of everyone he’d ever killed.

While that Peacemaker was trying to make genuine peace in the world and with his demons, it seems like Cena’s Peacemaker will be using the olive branch mentality as a fig leaf for heinous actions.

Oh, and you should also expect to see more of him beyond the film. Cena will get to live on in some form thanks to a new HBO Max spinoff series, written by the film’s director and screenwriter, James Gunn.

Gunn was pretty much given free rein to do whatever he wanted with the Squad characters for the film, and it’s pretty clear DC likes what they’ve seen.

Main Storyline of DC Peacemaker

Peacemaker is an American television series created by James Gunn for the streaming service HBO Max, based on the DC Comics character Peacemaker. It is the first DC Extended Universe (DCEU) television series and a spin-off from the 2021 film The Suicide Squad.

Set after the events of the film, the series follows jingoistic killer Christopher Smith / Peacemaker as he joins “Project Butterfly”, a black ops squad that targets parasitic butterfly-like creatures.

What is the Release Date of DC Peacemaker?

DC Peacemaker will be Released on 13 January 2022.

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