Former Domino’s manager shares ‘wrong order policy’ that gets you free food

Clarissa Hitchcock, a former manager at Domino’s has explained why she thinks the pizza company has the “best policy ever” when it comes to getting orders wrong

A woman who claims to be a former Domino’s manager has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a company ‘secret’.

Clarissa Hitchcock from the US made a video explaining why she believes the company’s wrong order policy is the “best policy ever”.

In the clip, Clarissa responds to a prompt from @annaxjames which says: “If you have worked for a large corporation like a chain of a restaurant or retail place, I want to hear all of the secrets that only employees would know.”

The ex-Domino’s employee replies: “Ok, so I worked at Domino’s as a manager for about a decade and they honestly have the best policy ever if your order is wrong.

Clarissa wearing a Domino's jacket on TikTok
Clarissa used to be a Domino’s manager (Image:
Staff making pizza in Domino's
She claims the chain have the ‘best policy ever’ when it comes to getting orders wrong (Image: Daily Post Wales)

“So here’s what’s gonna go down: You’re gonna call and you’re gonna say ‘Hey, this is wrong with my order’ and they have to do three steps.

“First they have to apologise to you, then they have to give you exactly what you want and then they have to give you something extra.”

Clarissa goes on to explain that there is a catch – if you complain about your order too many times and they think you’re lying, Domino’s make a note in your file that could result in you getting “blacklisted”.

More than 500,000 people watched the clip, with 85,000 liking and hundreds commenting to share their own experiences with the policy.h

One person wrote: “California Domino’s manager here and I can confirm. Some people would call and complain without even ordering but it doesn’t work like that, we double-check.”

Another said: “One time they literally made my wings wrong four times and I ended up with I don’t even remember how many boxes of wings because they just kept coming.”

A third asked if it works in the UK and someone else replied: “Yes, I didn’t know about it!! I got a completely different order a few years ago and they brought back my OG order plus extra garlic bread and cookies.”

A different user added: “They got my order wrong once and instead of just replacing the pizza they got wrong, they re-sent my whole order. Free food!”

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