How BATTLEFIELD 2042 Has now Become One Of Steam’s WORST REVIEWED Games

Battlefield 2042, which was only launched two days ago, has now got almost 29k bad reviews on Steam, making it one of the worst-reviewed games on the platform. It is currently the eighth-lowest-rated game on Steam.

Some Battlefield 2042 Reviews From Steam

The game has now joined the top ten worst reviewed games on Steam list, according to Forbes via the Steam250 website, and is presently ranked eighth. As more people leave bad reviews for the game, it will almost certainly rise to the top of this list. It’s still not as hated as the disaster-pretending-to-be-a-video game known as eFootball 2022, but that’s a low bar to clear.

Players have complained about broken vehicles, terrible hitboxes, sluggish PC performance, bullet registration and accuracy issues, a lack of features, and more since the game’s release. BF 2042, despite receiving a day one patch, is still in terrible form. As a result, the game is receiving extremely negative feedback from thousands of players on Steam.

BF 2042 has just about 9,700 favourable reviews out of approximately 40k on Steam. The remaining 29,000+ reviews are overwhelmingly unfavourable, with many people complaining about a lack of weapons, features, and poor PC performance.

“When Battlefield 3 was out, I thought to myself, ‘Imagine how Battlefield will look in ten years.’ “I wasn’t expecting this,” one popular Steam reviewer said.

Players have spent the last several days collecting a list of everything missing or broken in Battlefield 2042, and it’s a lot longer than I anticipated. Limited traversal options, no standard server browser, the absence of the class-based system, no in-game profile or stats page, no spectator mode, and a lack of devastation compared to previous games were among the noticeable omissions.

While I’m sure EA and Dice will try to enhance Battlefield 2042 across all platforms, I have a feeling it shouldn’t have been released this year. BF 2042’s Steam reviews may increase in a few months following several major improvements. However, it now has one of the lowest ratings on the platform.

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