Man slammed for ‘taking the spotlight’ as he proposes at best friend’s wedding

Laiven Bene, from Sydney, shared to social media the romantic moment his best friend asked his girlfriend to marry him at his wedding reception but people online were furious

A man who proposed to his girlfriend at his best friend’s wedding has been called out for ‘wrecking’ their big day.

Laiven Bene, from Sydney, got married to his wife Catrin on November 15 last year.

In a bid to make the day memorable, groom Laiven planned for his best friend to pop the question to his own girlfriend during the reception.

But the newlyweds were forced to defend their decision after receiving hate on the video they posted of the romantic moment online.

The video taken by a wedding guest sees bride Catrin preparing to throw the bouquet behind her as part of an old tradition that says whoever catches the bouquet is supposedly next to walk down the aisle.

TikTok video of wedding
The bride handed the flowers to her best friend (Image: laiivve/TikTok)

But instead, she walks straight over to her best friend, hands her the flowers, then spins her around to show her boyfriend down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Mr Bene told the proposal because he ‘wanted to do something special and different’ during their wedding reception.

The engaged couple, who have not been named, are due to tie the knot two months from now.

He said he was surprised to receive backlash after posting the video from women who said that he ‘wrecked’ their wedding.

TikTok video of wedding
The man was already on one knee ready to pop the question (Image: laiivve/TikTok)

One person commented: “You wait your whole life for the perfect wedding day just for someone else to make it about them, I’m a good friend but I would never allow this.”

“If anyone does this on my wedding I’m throwing hands,” wrote a second.

A third added: “Now just why would you let him propose on your wedding day? If I were her I’d ruin her wedding and her baby shower and her bridal party.”

But others were more supportive of the decision, as one said: “That is real friendship right there!

“The bride was secure enough to know that that wouldn’t take away the shine from her and allowed her bestie to experience her own joy and that moment! Go her and congrats girl!”138338712140

And another added: “Weddings are a celebration of love. I think this is amazing.”

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