Mum discovers son’s ‘genius’ method to cheat maths homework while stuck at home

TikTok user @Therealmom9110 uploaded a video after her son showed her how he is able to get full marks on every maths test he is set – and other parents commented to say he is “going places”

Schools have been forced to quickly adapt during the pandemic in a bid to ensure its pupils are able to continue their education at home.

It’s resulted in students across the world switching to remote learning, including video call lessons and completing work through interactive tools online instead.

But one young boy has been told he’s already “working at degree level” after his mum discovered how he’s able to ace the online tasks he’s set by his teacher.

TikTok user @Therealmom9110 uploaded a video titled ‘My kid’s a hacker’, racking up more 9.4 million views on the social media platform.

The mum during her TikTok video
The mum advised parents that “kids are too smart for us” when it comes to technology (Image:
The mum says: “Guys, I think my kid’s a hacker. Look what he just showed me. Okay, they’re doing their maths work right and he goes ‘mum, watch what I can do’.”

On the screen, a question asks him to add together two fractions, before giving four multiple choice answers.

But rather than spending time working it out, or simply taking a guess, her son explains he’s come up with a far more efficient way of doing things.

Her son's laptop showing the hack
He was able to look at the code behind each answer (Image:

He shows that if you right click on one of the answers and choose ‘inspect’, it opens a box showing the basic website code used to build the quiz, which reveals which option is correct when he hovers over the choices

It takes him just a couple of seconds to find the right answer in the HTML, before being rewarded with a large green tick for his efforts.

His mum adds: “We’ve got to watch these kids, man, they’re too smart for us.”

The post gained thousands of comments, as one wrote: “He doesn’t need school. He clearly already graduated and has a degree of sorts.”

A second said: “He doesn’t need school, school needs him.”

And another added: “Wait until they find out they can change their grades and show you.”

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