Mum’s kids kicked out of school after ‘jealous’ parents complain about her OnlyFans

Tiffany Poindexter and her husband Chris have been forced to consider homeschooling their children after she said other parents’ disapproval of her success on OnlyFans led to them being expelled

parents’ disapproval of her success on OnlyFans led to them being expelled

Tiffany Poindexter
She couldn’t believe the lengths the parents were willing to go (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

A mum who sells saucy images online has been told to “find another school” for her kids after “jealous” parents complained.

Tiffany Poindexter, from California, claims to tug in more than £108,000 ($150,000) a month on her OnlyFans account where she uploads naughty pictures and videos taken by her husband Chris.

The 44-year-old mum to 3 boys aged eight, 10 and 12, started the account as how to spice up her relationship.

But now she’s revealed that her children are kicked out of their catholic school because of it.

Tiffany and Chris are told that their actions – including the recent media attention – oppose the school’s handbook guidelines and although it was a “painful decision” the kids will not be allowed to return.

Tiffany Poindexter
Their children were “confused” when they were told they wouldn’t be returning to school (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

Tiffany claims that a gaggle of parents arranged a campaign to get her children ‘kicked out of school’ after her account was discovered last summer.

“Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children’s school,” she said.

At the time, the headteacher decided to not get involved, therefore the pair continued to run the account despite the harsh comments, putting the campaign right down to “jealousy”.

“I reckon most of the husbands have taken a glance at Tiffany’s account,” said Chris. “Maybe that’s why these women have such a problem with us.”

But then the couple received an email telling them the children would not be allowed back to school.

Tiffany explained: “We received an email at 8pm Sunday night saying our youngsters were no longer welcome at the school and they should not return from Monday.

Tiffany and Chris Poindexter
It was difficult to explain (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

“We thought; what are we alleged to do now? We are incredibly shocked, upset and unsettled.”

The news left the youngsters “very upset” at the thought of not being able to see their friends and teachers again, and therefore the parents said they found it difficult to explain.

The mum added: “We sat the youngsters down and said, ‘Hey we can’t return to school’.

“They were very confused and shocked – we told them it had been us the school didn’t want there, not them.

“We said it’s nothing to try to to with you at all, they only don’t like mum’s online modelling – but they don’t really know what that is.

“They were very upset and cried over losing their friends.

Tiffany Poindexter
The couple doesn’t think it’s fair for their kids to be punished (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

“We were close to tears ourselves but you have to keep it together for them.

“Our youngest didn’t understand why he couldn’t continue to go to school – we had to explain that we are all not allowed back, which was heartbreaking.

“Our children still have work in their desks and homework they needed to hand in – it’s just awful.”

Tiffany and Chris say they are confused as to why their children are being punished for an OnlyFans account that they aren’t involved in.

She said: “It is not the children’s fault – what we do has nothing to do with them.

“Do you punish kids for the sins of their parents? If a parent commits a crime does their child get kicked out of school? No, they don’t.

“We haven’t even committed a crime!”

Tiffany Poindexter
Tiffany said “It is so unfair to our children” (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

Chris believes the school’s decision to remove their children late on a Sunday night was a “strategic move”.

He said: “They should have given us at least a week to break the news to our kids and let them collect their things and say goodbye.

“The school’s decision has just ripped the kids up from their roots and given them no time to adjust.

“They could have told us to stay away, have someone else come to collect the kids from school until the end of the year and then we leave.”

Tiffany is particularly upset because she says the family went “above and beyond” for the school.

She added: “It is so unfair to our children – our kids are really good kids, the teachers say they are.

Tiffany Poindexter
The couple are looking for a new school (Image: Jam Press/@the.real.mrs.poindexter)

“And we volunteer a minimum of 100 hours at that school every year, plenty of the teachers really like us, we got on rather well with them.

“It’s disturbing within the sense that we have always supported the school and gone above and beyond for them – we’ve gone from best friends to ‘blood enemies’.”

Tiffany and Chris are now watching other options for schooling as they feel the other Catholic schools in the area will likely deny them for the same reasons.

The dad said: “I’m unsure that any Catholic school in the area will have us now, they’ve made sure every school knows about us.

“We are looking into homeschooling and potential public schools – that’s how far we’ve gotten with the notice they gave us.”

The couple says they’re being “heavily judged”, which is “not in line with the teachings of Jesus”.

Tiffany said: “They teach these kids to not judge and yet they are so quick to do it without asking any questions.

“This isn’t in line with the teachings of Jesus – they’re all about judgment.

“Aside from being so upset, we are somewhat relieved we never need to go back.

“For us, the varsity was a toxic environment, plus there’s nothing more they will do to us now.”

Tiffany and Chris are going to be telling their children the “truth” about why they had to leave their school – but not yet.

“I will always be honest with them and once they’re old enough to understand, then they’re going to know,” she said.

She added: “There’s nothing wrong with what we do , I’m not ashamed or worried about what my children would think.

“It’s not raunchy porn – it’s closer to Page 3 stuff, which was printed publicly papers for years!”

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