People left in stitches after noticing X-rated pepperoni pizza design on Domino’s ad

People on Twitter were surprised to notice that a Domino’s pizza leaflet appeared to feature a rather X-rated design on top of its pepperoni pizza, leaving customers in hysterics

A picture of the leaflet advertising the pepperoni pizza
The leaflet left people in stitches (Image: Twitter)

Domino’s is having a moment, it seems. No pineapples are involved in this rudeness though. Thank goodness.

The pizza chain has left people in stitches after eagle-eyed customers noticed a rather rude design on their pepperoni pizzas.

Pizza is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it seems the leaflet offering a discount on Domino’s Pizza has also raised a laugh.

Some might call it a marriage made in heaven – a joke and a discount on pizza.

Customers have taken to social media after spotting something unusual in how the pepperoni is positioned on the leaflet.

On Twitter, one man tweeted: “I think @dominos @Dominos_UK need to get a new designer. Why is the pepperoni shaped like a penis? #marketing #designfail.”

A picture of the pepperoni pizza design
Eagle-eyed customers spotted the blunder (Image: Twitter)

Another asked the chain: “Has somebody had a laugh with pepperoni penises in your marketing dept??”

A third joked: “Sooooooo…just explaining to my kids that it’s definitely not a ‘penis pizza’. Surely someone checks your advertising?”

A picture of the vouchers was shared on Reddit too, where one innocent person admitted they couldn’t find the X-rated blunder at first.

They wrote: “I spent too long trying to find something in the voucher code..

“The true definition of ‘meat feast’, huh… at least there’s no sausage.”

And one anonymous Redditor claimed that’s how the pepperoni should be placed on a pizza for maximum coverage.

They wrote: “Former Domino’s employee here: yep, that’s the official “placement” of pepperoni on a Pepperoni Passion for maximum… Idk coverage? Also referred to as the pepperoni penis.

Meanwhile, a wordsmith simply added: “Peckeroni.”

If this prompts you to order a pizza, and for some reason there are leftovers, here’s an easy way to fold your pizza box to store leftovers.

TikTok user @Nateandgran shared a video on how to reduce the size of the box with some simple folds,

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