A mysterious martial arts maven has double jump kicked his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
First off Shang-Chi, played by Canadian actor and stunt performer, Simu Liu, is both the hero of this tale and the son of the story’s super villain, the Mandarin, AKA Wenwu, played by Hong Kong screen legend of In the Mood for Love and Hard Boiled, Tony Leung.

Now the Mandarin may ring a bell because a different bad dude impersonated him in Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley’s cowardly, Trevor Slattery. But this was all an elaborate ruse to blame the movie’s death and destruction on the Mandarin’s peace hating terror group, the Ten Rings, an evil organization that has actually been hiding in plain sight since the very first MCU film, 2008 Iron Man.

Ten Rings members have popped up in all three Iron Man movies, and one disciple was seen in Ant-Man. Which makes sense considering Shang-Chi also takes place in Scott Lang’s hometown of San Francisco. But now let’s go Gollum and talk rings. Besides the wicked cabal, the film’s titular Ten Rings also refers to the fancy, sometimes glowing, bands around the Mandarin’s forearms.

In the comics, he derives special skills from these rings that actually fit on his fingers. But for some reason, the film has made them much bigger. Each one traps the soul of an ancient warrior, imbuing the ring with a specific power like fireballs, electro blasts, or the ability to manipulate matter.

Wenwu wanted his son, Shang-Chi, to follow in his evil footsteps, but this master of Kung Fu left that life behind a decade ago for the semi-normal existence of valeting cars and karaoke bars with best pals played by Ronny Chieng and Awkwafina. The film explores Shang-Chi’s traumatic childhood and his cruel tutelage by the masked Death Dealer as it retcons past comic book storylines that contain stereotypes and negative depictions of its Asian characters.

The problematic Dr. Fu Manchu has been completely removed as Shang-Chi’s father and replaced by the Mandarin who we’ll see as an almost immortal figure who has spent centuries battling for power. Fellow Phase 4 film, Marvel’s Eternals will likewise traverse the long ago, which could make for a point of connection between these two late 2021 releases.

With perhaps even a past showdown between the two forces. Considering the San Francisco setting, Ant-Man could also swing by, or he may have made himself extra tiny to lurk in the film’s trailer. Ant-Man aside, writer/director Destin Daniel Cretton sites old school action influences like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, plus the elegant, almost ethereal Wushu fighting style from Crouching Tiger,

Hidden Dragon, even casting that film’s star Michelle Yeoh, in the secretive role of Jiang Nan. Cretton and Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, also hired The Matrix cinematographer Bill Pope, to bring a little of that movie’s mind-bending martial arts magic to Shang-Chi.


Shang Chi is considered a criminal by many Marvel superheroes

Shang-Chi, like Marvel’s Black Widow, was raised to be a living weapon, albeit he later abandoned his criminal family. Talk about tense family gatherings. Shang-Chi, on the other hand, has recently been promoted to Supreme Commander of his family’s Five Weapons Society. While Shang-Chi is attempting to reform the organisation from within, many superheroes, including Spider-Man and Wolverine, feel he has turned criminal, making many of his heroic team-ups awkward. Also, he is notorious for forgetting to bring dip.

Shang Chi can outlast Captain America

Captain America is one of Marvel’s fiercest superheroes, having mastered almost every fighting style known to man. Even he needs to strain himself during their sparring battles to keep up with Shang-Chi. You don’t want to see them fight in the MCU community bathrooms over the final jar of hair gel.

Shang Chi wielded the powers of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Giant Man

Living in the Marvel Universe provides enough opportunities to acquire superpowers, and Shang-Chi appears to acquire — and then lose — new ones on a regular basis. Hair ties, superpowers…all it’s the same. He became a big spider after contracting the “Spider-Virus” on “Spider-Island.” He employed Pym Particles to grow to Giant Man’s size while fighting the Avengers. Shang-Chi also obtained unique Stark Tech, which included repulsor-powered nunchaku, while hanging out with Iron Man. Unfortunately, Tony Starks’ degree of snark was not included.

He developed a brand-new martial art with Spider-Man

Shang-Chi collaborated with Spider-Man to create a new martial art dubbed “The Way of the Spider.” During the “Spider-Island” storyline in Marvel Comics, Peter Parker momentarily lost his spider sense. Puberty can be a difficult time for some people. Shang-Chi compensated by combining Spider-distinct Man’s fighting style with his own martial arts techniques. It worked, but as Peter’s spider sense returned, he stopped practising his new fighting method and his skills began to deteriorate. The same goes for drums and us.

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