Top 10 Rappers With The Most Expensive Jewelry

10. Drake – From drizzy’s 120 000 owl chain to a bust of your own face also wearing a chain here are the most expensive jewelry pieces owned by rappers. Drake’s become a 180 million dollar household name as of 2022 and wears his signature 120,000 owl chained. 343 diamonds and 18 carats of rose gold are the materials it was constructed with, along with 23.32 carat encrusted diamonds.

A few months before drake had little adonis with french national sophie brusso, he was rumored to be dating cougar extraordinaire ‘j-lo’. Back in 2016 exhibit a in the evidence locker room was the tiffany victoria necklace he dropped 100k for and gave her on his new year’s eve show at the hakkasan las vegas nightclub.

15 carats of circular pear and marquis-shaped diamonds set in platinum was the clustered mix in the 17-inch necklace but drake treats himself a little better than he treated jenny from the block. Splurging 20,000 more than he did on her for his if and co ben baller designed neck piece. On the back of it it says more, probably an ovio personal motto and a nod to his 2017 album title more life.

9. Jay-z – Jay-z big pimps with his 11-pound 200g cuban chain. It’s like wearing a newborn around your neck. Raphaelo and company designed him a statement piece, that’s just too opulent to ignore. when jiggerman bragged about having the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain in his song public service announcement. It was about beyonce wearing his yellow gold rockefeller cuban chain.

It’s quite a bit lighter than the aforementioned chain and therefore easier on the spinal cord. The rockefeller chain was a symbol of being knighted in the hip-hop world though, and even though rockefeller closed up shop in 2013, its legacy lives on. Jay-z gave his original to j cole for his birthday. Rockefeller cuban chains are worth a little over twenty thousand. Ten percent of the price of his new chain, jay-z’s neck war tends to evolve and get heavier and heavier the older he gets.

8. kanye west – He is a strange bird and is no stranger to finding new ways to get people gossiping about his 1.8 billion dollar wallet. His modest mortgage priced 300 thousand dollar horus chain generates barbershop chatter for days, oh yes he loves it like egyptian. on the description this chain is sickening, This is 24 karat gold so soft, kanye could bite into it and might not chip his 70 000 diamond encrusted teeth.

Jacob and co designed the chain inspired by horus, the egyptian god of sky sun and moon. It’s a statement piece that says i am a god, not unlike kanye’s song i am a god. About this chain, an anonymous critic once said “this chain is two plus two equals seven stupid” well kanye was only seen wearing it once 12 years ago with the 2010 bet awards, where he performed his smash hit power, atop a volcano and we are still talking about it.

7. T- Pain – So if kanye’s horus chain is two plus two equals seven stupid. T-pain’s four hundred ten thousand dollar big chain is two plus two equals wisconsin stupid. T-pain himself is worth ten million, therefore he spent 4.1 percent of his net worth on a chain that says, well you know what it says. It’s 197 carats of diamonds more than bugs bunny’s lunch and his 10 pound white and yellow gold, he says he bought on a dare. Now don’t you dare ever dare t pain to do anything cause now you know he’s wild enough to do it.

6. Rick Ross – Rick ross’s daddy warbucks image is perpetuated best by his 1.5 million dollar face pendant. This is the most expensive chain worn by any rapper today, by one and a full half million dollars you could buy a Luxurious House in boca raton, florida. But unfortunately you can’t take your house with you to show off while you get lemon pepper wings like you can with a chain with your face on it.

There are two necklaces he outfitted for this chain, if you look closely at the second one on the bust of rick ross’s head. You’ll see a little ricky on his chain that has a self-portrait chain. The 40 million dollar man also famously wore 10 jesus pieces on his album cover for each worth an estimated 25 grand.

7. Pharrell Williams – The proud former member of hip-hop trio nerd pharrell williams had a gold chain commissioned for his band for a cool million dollars. The jacob the jeweler design commemorates the long beach skateboarders time of creative music explosion with his fellow musicians chad hugo and shea haley, as they are depicted in vivid diamond-encrusted detail. Well done pharrell classy of you to share your spotlight and it’s a great way to keep your bffs immortal, I guess no one ever really dies.

6. Migos– One third of migos, offset himself has one of the most interesting pieces on our list. A 250 thousand dollar bando emoji chain. it’s a three pound replica of the house he grew up in on a cuban collar with the actual address above the front door and a designed crack below the roof line.

Elliot eleante designed the standout piece of his three million dollar collection and it sort of looks like a toy, you can actually open up the front door to find a man with an ak-47 staring at you in the face, like what is your business here. It’s complete with windows, a rose gold stove, pot and money bag. We imagine it’s an opulent representation of humility, a don’t forget where you came from mini monument. It was a gift from his wifey super starlet, Who also wears a remarkable trinket.

Offset – The third amigo take off sports the 500,000 solar system piece or as band mate quavo calls it the rocket piece, because of the rocket in the middle. Hence the name takeoff i guess, quavo also calls the piece the craziest in the game.

It’s a luxuriously intricate representation of our solar system, that’s probably better suited for neil degrasse tyson. The little diamond entrend nasa spaceman that sits on top. He has a removable visor, surprise-surprise, he’s an alien, takeoff rarely wears it for fear of indiana jones type poachers. That’s a good call.

5. Cadi b – She wears a 150,000 lola bunny necklace with a one carat diamond chain. She must be a major league space jam fan, cardi b likes looney tunes and quavo likes playstation characters. This 90’s baby splurged 150,000 of his show money on a crash bandicoot inspired akuaku bodeka mask pendant. The bodeka mask inspires akuaku or invincibility in the game, akin to the superstar level of energy quavo honcho needs to give off on stage, like On his aubrey and three amigos tour.

His close friend trippy red has the evil twin uka mask pendant, he got for twenty thousand dollars. Quavo said he likes his diamonds pave set, meaning they’re so close it’s like they’re hugging each other. he was sure to have that principle implemented on his elliott avian design. 250 thousand dollar ratatouille chain which features the titular rant sporting a little rolex and his own qc chain. Why? in one of his most successful songs bad N bougie, he says call me quavo ratatouille that’s why.

3. Gucci Mane&Sean Kingston – Gucci mane’s 500,000 twin panther chain would be a must-have for king t’challa. Diamond club miami designed the twin diamond-studded panthers that have three connected chains in their grills. The three chains represent courage, valor and power. All necessary to be a rap superstar, 4600 diamonds and a total combined weight of 165 carats make this chunky chain a stand out in arenas. Full of standouts and one of the crown jewels of gucci’s 10 million dollar collection.

Oh yes, A must-have for any aspiring king of wakanda, would you spend five hundred thousand dollars on a box of crayons? No you wouldn’t but you’re not sean kingston. The beautiful girl singer had 64 golden crayons stuffed into a diamond-encrusted crayon box made for the price of eleanor. You know eleanor the 67 mustang shelby gt500 from 2000’s gone in 60 seconds. What’s worse than buying a half a million dollar box of crayons, buying a half a million dollar box of crayons and getting them jacked from your neck in penthouse, nightclub in la. So if you see a diamond encrusted box of crayons on ebay, you know it’s stolen.

2. Post Malone – He has a 1.6 million dollar smile, now when the recording star just wants to go flex with gold on his teeth and on his neck. His mouth will now shine extra bright with natural porcelain veneers installed along with 28 units of ceramic restoration on top of that. His soho dentist thomas connolly at angel city jewelers successfully installed two vampiric diamond fangs on his canines weighing in at a hefty 12 carats.

1. Katty Perry – The cost of the guinness world record holder for most opulent grill the one million dollar, one katy perry wore for her dark horse music video that one was kind of ridiculous. Let’s be honest, Well done posty , austin richard post is worth an estimated 30 million dollars.

Unbelievable for a kid born in 1995 and has only been rarely musically active for eight years. To show off how far he’s come, on his wrist sometimes shines a one million dollar richard mills skull asia edition. An edgy piece that gives him something to sing about and on his neck a 250 thousand dollar baguette rose gold chain and dallas cowboy star from angel city jewelers, Go cowboys.

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