Travel dues and don's part one. Rome. Starting with my don't number one, don't over pack. 

This is a general, but if you plan on moving around a lot and taking public transportation lugging around a £50 bag is not the vibe.

Number two don't plan for tourist destinations last minute. If you're someone who likes to see the sights, get tickets in advance or go early.

otherwise you'll be waiting outside in long lines. Pro tip. The first sunday of the month entry is free. 

Moving on to my travel dues number one see the Trevi fountain early in the morning. We went at seven a.m. 

And got to have front row views number two eat lots of pasta food and Rome is way deeper than anywhere else

For example, this entire plate was only $9.

Number three. Walk around on the other side of the Tiber River. This beautiful district is full of restaurants and artisan shops.

Number four go down side streets and find local wine bars and avoid tourist trap restaurants by all the sites