Mega Millions jackpot winners can claim their $1.34 billion prize.

A vital deadline for the $1.34 billion Mega Millions jackpot winner to claim their prize was just a few weeks away.

The $1.34 billion reward has been claimed by two persons who agreed to split it if they won, according to the Illinois Lottery.

A Speedway petrol station in Des Plaines, some 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, was where the winning ticket was purchased in late July.

The jackpot is the third-largest in US history, according to the lottery.

The winners, who have spent the previous few weeks working on the claim process with reputable legal and financial consultants, say they wish to maintain their anonymity, according to the Illinois Lottery.

“It’s a surreal feeling giving away this amount of money and knowing what a huge impact this is going to make on the winners’ lives, and for others close to them as well. It was an incredible feeling just to be part of that process – so I can only imagine how the winners themselves are feeling,” Rodriguez added.

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