Woman shows easy method to make supermarket flowers look like a luxury bouquet

Here’s a simple method to transform a cheap bunch of flowers from the supermarket into a beautiful bouquet that looks like you just bought it from a florists

As we enter what feels like month 17,897 of lockdown, it’s fair to say we are pretty bored of our surroundings.

Every nook and crevice has been explored – and we’re constantly looking for DIY ideas that are easy and effective.

If we could afford it, we’d fill the house with flowers – a simple and cheerful way to add a bit of colour to every room.

But it’s not possible to shell out the cash needed for a beautiful bouquet on the regular.

But one TikTok user has shown us an effective way to transform a much cheaper bunch of supermarket flowers.

Now this…we can achieve this.

Vase filled with flowers in a living room
A perfect bouquet – at half the price (Image: shnordic/Tiktok)

It’s also a useful tip to know for special occasions like Mother’s Day – when cash is scarce, this is an easy method to transform your blooms.

Savvy TikTok user Susanna @shnordic shows how she uses tape to ensure her flowers look gorgeous in a vase.

The blogger began by laying out her five bunches of cheap blooms and trimming the stalks to ensure they’re even.

The video has gone viral (Image: shnordic/Tiktok)
The vase is split up into sections with tape (Image: shnordic/Tiktok)

Next, she used some clear tape to create a criss-cross pattern on the top of the vase, which divided it into 15 sections.

This clever tape barrier helped make the bouquet look much fuller and impressive.

This means no blooms will flop to the side – and gives you the opportunity to arrange them as the professionals do. 

Showing off the finished bouquet, Susanna captioned the video: “Use tape to make your grocery store flowers look more expensive!”

The video has been viewed more than 13,000 times since being uploaded.

One fan commented: “Looks beautiful, will try.”

Another said: “Love this.”

After taking a look, one critic joked: “I’m shattered looking at that.”

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